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The Portable, Energy-Independent
Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

Humans can only live without water for 3 days. Are you prepared?

Clean Drinking Water in Low Resource Situations. Count On It! 

Although humans can live 3 weeks without food, we can survive only 3 DAYS without water. It's easy to take clean water for granted living in the United States, but a lack of drinking water might actually not be all that far-fetched. For example, clean water may be unavailable when you lose electricity, when natural disasters strike (floods for example), when infrastructure collapses, when hiking in the woods, or when living off-grid. Thankfully we can prepare for any and all of these situations with the Otterpack.

The Otterpack is an effective and simple-to-use water purifying system. Utilizing reverse osmosis technology, Otterpack has been designed for use in low-resource situations when access to power, fuel and technical expertise is limited. The system comes fully operational, able to dispense safe drinking water within a few minutes of set up.

Introducing Otterpack - An Innovative, Portable, Rerverse Osmosis Water Purification System

The Otterpack was designed for the Israeli military and subsequently adopted by the US army. Its use by Africa 2030–an international organization seeking to transform the continent–has been drastically increasing access to clean water. It has been used with confidence for years by those seeking clean water when access to power and fuel is infeasible. So much so, its life-sustaining potential was endorsed by the pope.

What Does This Mean for You?

Take emergency preparedness to a whole new level - Natural Disasters, Loss of Electricity, Off-Grid Living, Infrastructure or Economic Collapses, Drainage Issues, Remote Hiking, Terrorist Attacks, and More.

Whether an individual prepper or business, the Otterpack can transform your operations. It is manufactured by the leading provider of water purification technologies to the military, healthcare, governments, food-services, high-tech, industrial, and various other organizations.

Filter and purify ANY water source (except sea water) within minutes. This product is finally available in the US & Canada to support those in need of clean drinking water for almost any situation! The Otterpack’s breakthrough approach allows access to potentially lifesaving, clean drinking water like never before.


  • Supply up to 31.7 gallons (120 Liters) of pure drinking water per hour from any source of water (except sea water)
  • Operate electrically through 1) a standard rechargeable battery 2) solar panels and 3) a vehicle accumulator
  • Operate manually by rotating the crank handle
  • Protect against any chemical and/or biological contamination including the most challenging toxins such as cyanide


The portable reverse osmosis water purification system will filter from any water source (except seawater) including brackish water at 2500 ppm. It will remove:
-  Bacteria and viruses (including Covid-19)
-  Inorganic chemicals & heavy metals (asbestos, arsenic, mercury, cyanide and more)
-  Organic materials (benzene, styrene and more)
-  Pesticides/Herbicides (glyphosates, fluoride, agricultural run-off and more)
-  Radionuclides (alpha emitters, beta photon emitters and more)

The Otterpack can- 


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Energy Independent

The Otterpack portable reverse osmosis system comes in two models - manual and hybrid. The hybrid version can be operated electrically (with a standard rechargeable lithium battery) and can purify the water with the push of a button. It will also work without power, thanks to its integrated, efficient manual hand crank pump. The electric and manual modes can be used in combination as well, which helps preserve battery life.

The manual model is operated through rotating the hand crank. It's simple, reliable, and easy to use.

Backpack Design and Maintenance

The Otterpack system has an ergonomic design enabling its users to comfortably carry it anywhere. Additionally, its maintenance requires no additional tools and can be operated with minimal skill. The Otterpack's design helps maximize the lifespan of the system.


Using the Otterpack is extremely simple. It does not require any fancy tools or technical knowledge. In fact, it only takes a few minutes to get from set up to pure drinking water.

To use the Otterpack, you simply have to find a water source that you'd like to purify. Next,  attach the hoses to the system and place one hose into the water supply. Then rotate the handle and pour the clean water into a container.

The water filters in the Otterpack are effective and reliable. However, the Otterpack does come with an extra set of two pre-treatment filters. The filters typically last at least 2 years, but this can depend on the water quality, the consistency of use, and whether the filters are backwashed and cleaned throughout the Otterpack's life. 


Clean, drinkable water is always a priority, but the Otterpack is especially suited for certain situations. To list a few:

- survival preparation
- off-grid living
- intense hiking excursions
- remote work sites
- military operations
- and more


The Otterpack has been used and tested by many high level organizations throughout the world. For example, the Otterpack has been a valuable asset for militaries, governments, food services, high-tech, industrial, and various other organizations.
More specifically, the US Army and Israeli Army use the Otterpack to keep their soldiers hydrated when they operate missions in foreign countries where clean water is difficult to come by.

Of further note, even Pope Francis trusted the efficiency of the Otterpack and sampled its clean water! You can check out the video here.

A final example is Africa 2030, an International organization striving to transform Africa into a powerhouse. A key part of that transformation is improving Africa's access to clean water and Otterpack has played a major role in that process!


-  Un-compromised filtration: Turn any water source (except seawater) into safe drinking water. Removes even the most toxic chemicals
-  Quick: Sets up in under a minute
-  Easy: Connect hoses, drop one hose in the water source and turn the crank to produce safe drinking water!
-  Large-scale purification: Supplies safe drinking water at an impressive flow rate of up to 31.7 gallons an hour (over 2 quarts a minute), capable of daily water production for up to 200 people
-  Portable: At only 46 lbs, the technology has been engineered to fit in the specially designed backpack
-  Sustainable: With backwash refilled filters
-  Simple to maintain: Field serviceable. No specialist tools or training needed
-  Independently tested & certified: By leading international laboratories.



The United States army utilizes the Otterpack on missions where it is difficult for its members to find clean water.


The Otterpack was originally created for the Isreali army and has proved valuable for many years.


Yes, for real! The pope has even tested the Otterpack and drank its purified water. Check out the video here!

Never Worry About Clean Water Again

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